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21st May 2024 
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Due to the number of classes I am currently teaching, I have no workshops planned at this time. I hope to soon be able to promote my first Yoga and self development retreat, future workshops or retreats will be posted here,
or you can look at my Facebook page

Previous Workshops

How to Relax
For healing and stress reduction

Greenwich Fitness and Pilates
225 Greenwich High Road, Greenwich, SE10 8NB

The practice of Yoga Nidra, or Yogic sleep, can be difficult to learn with the distractions and time constraints of many Yoga classes. Sadly, some people may come to Yoga for many years without ever having an experience of deep relaxation and peace at the end of class.

The focus of this workshop will be to introduce the science behind relaxation and to provide you with an overview of simple relaxation techniques that you can practice on their own, including:

Proper breathing to trigger the relaxation response

Visualisation techniques

What to look for in relaxation aids

Yoga For Runners

Greenwich Fitness and Pilates
225 Greenwich High Road, Greenwich, SE10 8NB

Running and Yoga go together like Yin and Yang. This workshop will provide the Yin to those who are all too familiar with the Yang. We will look at common running complaints and their antidotes, injury prevention through correction of physical imbalances and performance enhancement through breathing techniques.

Every participant will receive a post-run yoga routine, that can be practiced without laying on their back in wet grass, and a rest-day deeper routine for improving flexibility.