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21st May 2024 
About me #01

I am originally from Vancouver, Canada where I trained as a Yoga teacher. I moved to the UK in 2003 and began to train as a psychotherapist soon after. Although recently qualified, my experience as a therapist is reasonably broad. My time at the Caravan Drop In and the Maudsley Hospital taught me much about being open and receptive, especially to those whose mental health needs alienate them from others. At the Help Counselling Centre, I had the opportunity to develop my skills in short-term counselling whilst also working in a more open-ended way with those who needed more time.

As a therapist I am grounded and naturally patient. Many of my clients have found my sense of humour to be welcome amidst the intensity of therapeutic work. I rely strongly on object relations theory in my work, and my training in transpersonal psychotherapy has given me a sensitivity to the significance of dream imagery and imaginative work. My Masters dissertation explored the similarities between individuals’ reasons for drinking and the imagery associated with drowning and dissolution found in alchemical texts.

My long experience teaching yoga has made me receptive to body language, my own and others. It has also given me an ease and authority when it comes to dealing with the somatic elements an individuals stress.